Mobile Pet and Livestock Sitting
Serving the Highland Lakes, Texas

September 20, 2015 through October 2016

I'm honored to have been unanimously voted in as a board member of the Hill Country Humane Society to help advocate for the animals of Burnet and Llano counties. Founded by Lin Christ and Dee Yoder many years ago, operations are going to continue, rather than the doors closing as previously reported. There will also be many additional and positive changes to operations benefitting all animals who come through the door.
Animal welfare is very important to me, from the future lives of newborns to the end of life for senior animals. Then there all those dogs and cats who are unwanted, neglected, abused and feral who need proper management. Every creature with a beating heart is our responsibility as a community. It takes a lot of people a lot of time and effort to make sure all animals are handled kindly and humanely, no matter their circumstances.
Some people who know me may raise an eyebrow about me stepping in as a board member to an open admissions policy animal shelter, which accepts all surrenders, rather than a no kill shelter that graciously accepts only re-homable animals. Just as an open admissions shelter may euthanize very ill or dangerous animals, no-kills euthanize as well, it just has to be within a set percentage of their current animal population. The important thing is there are so many help organizations for animals, no matter their policies. And at an open admission shelter such as the Hill Country Humane Society, no animal is turned away, ever, including rabid, badly injured and dangerously aggressive animals. They all deserve to be properly managed.
Sadly, there is no simple solution for handling the gross overpopulations of domesticated animals. And for those folks working and volunteering in the animal welfare business, the emotional stress alone is difficult, but worth it for every single animal we can successfully advocate for. No decision where the animals are concerned is taken lightly by anyone stepping up to the plate.
The Hill Country Animal Shelter's new board and shelter staff are dedicated to making the best decision for each animal brought through the door. It is a tremendously huge undertaking that is front and center 24/7. Animals in need is a given constant.
And you can help, whether you donate a few dollars or many (which can be done online) or come to the shelter to pet kitties or teach a dog to walk on a leash. Come once a week, month or year, but do come at least once to better understand the enormous need the animals in our community have. There is a volunteer application process. The shelter is located in Buchanan Dam, 9150 RR 1431 W. 512-793-5463. The current Web address is and works hand-in-hand with and, as well as many other shelters within Central Texas. 

Thank you.