Mobile Pet and Livestock Sitting
Serving the Highland Lakes, Texas


AnimalTLC Pet & Livestock Sitting provides professional care for your animals at your Highland Lakes, Texas, area home when you are away. Owner/Operator Lyn Odom is veterinarian recommended, bonded and insured, and has more than 40 years of animal care experience. With a stellar reputation, solid references, and integrity, Lyn provides professional, reliable and confidential services.  Caring for others' animals is her full time work.

Whether you have one pet, several, flocks, or herds, Lyn can properly care for your animals. Knowledgeable, animal savvy, and level headed, Lyn can also administer animal medications including injections, subcutaneous drips, oral medications, and topical treatments.

Day visits and overnight stays are offered, depending on availability. There are no hidden charges, and unused fees are refunded should you return home earlier than planned.

 A half hour meet and greet is offered at no charge, every half hour thereafter is $10.

Book early, even if travel dates are pending. There are no cancellation fees. 

AnimalTLC provides the attention and affection your pets are used to receiving.  Services include one-on-one attention, feeding, refreshing water, play and exercise, casual grooming, administering medications, coping with physical and emotional issues, and managing veterinary services, if needed. Additional services include, at no charge, checking the mail, bringing in the newspaper, watering plants, keeping up with trash service, and rotating lights. Although reasonable cleaning up after the pets is provided, housekeeping not pertaining to your animals is not included.

NOTE: ALL dogs and cats (with the exception of feral cats) MUST be on flea and tick preventative. Critters such as raccoons, fox, coyote, deer, skunks, and opossums carry fleas and ticks and may shed them when walking through your yard. Your pets may pick them up when outside, and without preventative, parasite lifecycles can be triggered if your pet ingests them.

AnimalTLC and Agents are NOT responsible for pets allowed to roam freely outdoors. 


For one visit per day, $20 for the first animal, $5 each additional animal.

For two visits per day, $40  for the first animal, $5 each additional animal.

For three visits per day, $60 for the first animal, $5 each additional animal.

Overnight stays begin at $45 for the first animal, $5 each additional animal,

and includes the evening and morning chores - midday visits with overnights are $20.


If you have more than five animals of the same species, fee negotiations are considered.